Frisky Readers Share Their Most Over-The-Top Breakup Moments

Earlier this week, when we ran a story about a woman who caught her boyfriend having sex with someone else in broad daylight in a public park, we asked you for your worst breakup moments. And boy did we get them! We laughed, cried and gasped in horror at some of the terrible things you guys have gone through in the name of love.

After the jump, some of your worst breakup moments. From Codename Betty:

He was on leave for a week to visit me. We spend the first day at a mutual friends wedding having a great time. Having arrived separately, we lingered at his car saying goodbye and smooching. He said “I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.” I didn’t hear from him again for six years. I wasn’t even sure he came home from Iraq the following year. Absolutely broke my heart.

From unbounded:

I’m not going into details, but throw moving secret new girlfriend into the basement before we had even talked about breaking up, the fact that said new girlfriend was his intern, lying to children, public humiliation and attempted destruction of my career together with an (un)healthy dose of emotional manipulation and you get the most over the top breakup I’VE ever experienced.

From Djinn:

I was dating a guy and we got into a fight about something stupid. I didn’t see him for 3 or 4 days (we both had insane schedules). When I ran into a friend of his I asked if the bf was still mad at me and was informed that the bf had moved out of the state the day before.

From little one:

My bf of 10 years sent me a text message while I was away at grad school to let me know that he had hooked up with someone else (in MY house) and that he was going to date her now. When I kicked him out, he moved a bunch of my stuff out with him since I had our dog. They’re engaged now.

From Eljay:

My first real boyfriend in high school dumped me by writing a dear john letter on the back of my yearbook! It was awful! One minute I was in b/f bliss, the next I’m devastated. AND I have to relive it every time I look at my HS yearbook! Ouch!

From not that kinda girl:

let this incredible man melt my cold little icy heart, and even though I always said I would never do it, I let him move into my house. He would cook dinner for me every night and have it ready for me when I got home from the gym (or happy hour). One day while I was having lunch he texted me asking what I wanted for dinner and I said Chicken and he said “cool babe, love you”. So that night around 7 when I had chosen happy hour over the gym, I decided I should get home because he would probably have dinner ready. I pull up and his truck isn’t there and the porch light is off. Odd. Maybe he went to the grocery store for chicken. I go into my dark house, turn on the lights, and his snuggie was not on the couch and I panicked. The dude moved ALL HIS STUFF out of my house in one afternoon. He didn’t leave a note, any sort of explanation, anything, except his key on the rack. He took the cat! The cat!!! He obviously didn’t pick up the phone when I tried calling him, which I only did 3 times, because after that I realized he clearly did not want to talk to me. I went absolutely bonkers trying to figure out what happened to him. 5 days later he turned up to get an important piece of mail, was in my house for 30 seconds and offered no explanation as to what the **** happened.

From Miss Quinn:

Quite a few years back, I was living with a guy. We had been together for a 2 1/2 years. On Valentines day as he was opening his gift from me he said “I don’t want a girlfriend anymore.” Needless to say I was a bit shocked. He then asked me to move out that day.

From he11zno

i dated my ex for over four years, we had been living together for over three years when he dumped me. over the phone, while I was at work, from halfway across the country on a business trip. turns out he was having some sort of early-onset midlife crisis, where a 20 year old floosy at the hotel bar was flinging herself at him (I was 24) … months after the breakup he told me that he thought to himself “if I didn’t have a gf, I could go for it … wait, if I didn’t have a gf, I could go for it!!”

From tabby

The guy I lost my virginity to who, while I was on a two week vacation, moved to another state w/o telling me and I had to call his sister to find that out. He eventually called me 8 weeks later and pretended like it was no big deal that he MOVED w/o even mentioning it.

From snake dancer

A guy I was dating long-distance and I used to have a sweet thing with sneaking notes into each other’s luggage, under each other’s pillows, etc. before we left from a visit.

He left a note under my pillow before we brought him to the airport, saying “I think we should break up” — to top it off, he was headed out of town again as soon as he got home and was unreachable for a week or so after the fact.

Miraculously, we have gotten over it and remained friends, but DUDE.

And finally, this didn’t happen to reader kr070707 but to her best friend:

She had been dating a guy for over a year and she was really into him (imagining a future together, talking wedding plans, etc). Less than a week after HE bought her a promise ring he broke up with her saying that she was just a “starter” relationship and that he couldn’t believe she actually thought he was serious about her since she was “obviously too fat” to be his real girlfriend. If I ever see that guy I will punch him in the face.

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