“You’re Wearing That?” — The New Solution To Improving Mother/Daughter Relationships

Mothers and daughters tend to share many things. Facial features. Mannerisms. Bad style? Yes, that too. But WeTV is trying to change that with a new makeover show. “You’re Wearing That?” features mothers and daughters who make over each other for a special event. These women get help from personal stylist and host Luciene Salomone, who uses her years and expertise in the fashion industry to steer these women in the right style direction. Luciene will inspire both daughter and mother to re-style the other’s wardrobe, and in the process, each woman will gain confidence in her look. Because, as Luciene says, “The more you put effort into the way you dress, the better you get at it.” The mothers and daughters not only transform each other from head to toe, but also reconnect on a more emotional level. It’s hard for a mother to watch her daughter walking around as a sloppy mess, or even worse, a trashy tragedy. Likewise, no daughter wants her mom to feel as if she’s not worthy of feeling beautiful. Moms have to learn to put themselves first more often because they have a responsibility to look their best if they’re going to tell their daughters to look their best, says Luciene. And, hopefully, “You’re Wearing That?,” which premieres tonight on WeTV at 10 p.m., will reinforce this point to the makeover guests and viewers.