Why Perez Hilton Should Not Be On Nickelodeon

Perez Hilton is on the shortlist of awful human beings that I don’t want exposed to my future children. So why, oh why would the kids’ channel Nickelodeon invite the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media to guest star on one of its shows? Perez announced that on Friday, August 27th, at 8 p.m., he’ll have a cameo on “Victorious,” the channel’s highest rated new TV show starring teen actress Victoria Justice. Excellent idea! Let’s expose all the tweens to the most sexist, nastiest gossip blogger out there and make him look “cool.” Nevermind that he posted upskirt pics of Miley Cyrus’ crotch (who is a goddess for people who buy their jewelry at Claire’s), calls anyone he doesn’t like a slut, and Photoshops jizz and penises coming out of people’s mouths — he’s gonna be on Nickelodeon? I’m not normally the type of person to wring my hands and say, “Oh noes! Think of the children!” when it comes to sex and drugs and stuff. But that d-bag has no business around 11-year-olds. The last person a bunch of middle schoolers (and soon-to-be middle schoolers) should be looking up to is someone whose behavior is consistently misogynist and cruel. I know it’s just a cameo, but still … “Ugh.”

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