Today’s Lady News: Disneyland Says No Muslim Veil During Work

  • A hostess for a Disneyland Resort restaurant has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after she was told she could not wear a head-covering Muslim veil, the hijab, during work. She was told she could only wear her veil to work if she was “backstage,” or out of the public’s eye. [Los Angeles Times]
  • NASA and Mary J. Blige have teamed up to encourage women to start careers in science and technology. For me, “Mary J. Blige” doesn’t bring to mind “astronauts,” but whatever. []
  • At the current rate pay increases are going, it will take another 57 years for British female managers to earn as much as male managers, according to a new study out of the U.K. Currently, the women managers earn $15,600 a year less, due to men having more seniority and bigger bonuses. [AP]

  • Robin Givhan, a style reporter for The Washington Post, who is black, has weighed in on Essence magazine hiring a white woman as a fashion director. She says that Ellianna Placas’ hiring should be seen as a sign of inclusiveness and Essence shouldn’t be “homogenous.” [Washington Post]
  • A group of hospitals in Texas will stop operating a clinic for women with high-risk pregnancies because offering birth control is against Catholic teachings. A public medical center will now takeover. [Austin American-Statesman]
  • At Neumont University, a technology college in Utah, women graduates are earning more than male graduates — even though they are only seven percent of the class! [Los Angeles Times]
  • Even though a Nebraska judge struck down a law that was deemed unconstitutional because it would have placed “extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible” standards on women seeking an abortion, the state senator who sponsored the law plans to try again next session. []
  • A new study out of the University of Cincinnati found that working the late shift “disrupts” a woman’s relationship with her partner and children more so than it does for a man. [UPI]
  • If anecdotes are to be believed, some people are getting plastic surgery just so they can look 10, 20 or 30 years younger on the job market. At least that’s what this lady says. [My Fox Detroit]
  • One writer wonders why, other than Rachel Maddow, more “butch” lesbians aren’t public intellectuals. Good question. [The Scavenger]
  • Congratulations to Jessica Valenti, co-founder of the blog Feministing, who became a new mom this weekend! Her baby girl is named Layla. [Feministing]


  • Well, that’s just fantastic: Afghani women are getting addicted to heroin and opium (products of the country’s poppy crops) and passing those addictions along to their children.The U.S. State Department currently funds a treatment center in Kabul. [CNN]
  • Indonesia has launched two new female-only train cars in the capital of Jakarta to try to stop sexual harassment. [BBC]
  • An Australian court has ruled that a Muslim woman may not wear a face-covering veil while she appears in court to give evidence. [AP]
  • A group called the Women’s Food and Farming Union has launched in Wales in the U.K. so that women farmers can support each other in their endeavors. [BBC]
  • Don’t mess with burlesque performers! After a newspaper critic compared burlesque stars with “blown-up sex doll[s],” a group called the Circus Burlesque held a protest on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland carrying signs, one of which said, “I don’t have to be stupid to be sexy.” [BBC]