Switzerland To Sell Pregnancy Tests In Vending Machines

In Switzerland, vending machines are about to get a makeover. In addition to being able to pick up snacks, sodas, and condoms, soon women will be able to stick their quarters in the slot and purchase a pregnancy test. Swiss vending company Selecta is moving forward with its plan to add pregnancy tests to over 3,000 of their vending machines throughout the country. Why? Condoms have been selling so well that they see a market for a “connected” product. So if you forget to buy the condoms, then you can buy the pregnancy test a few weeks later? Their target market is young women, ages 16 to 28, who may be too embarrassed to buy the test at their local grocery store or who want to keep their pregnancy private … well, at least until they start showing. I don’t get how buying a pregnancy test from a vending machine is really private. What do you think about pregnancy tests in vending machines? Share your thoughts in the comments. [AOL]