Angelina Calls Snooki’s New Man A “Fame Whore”

In a recent interview, the least popular resident of “Jersey Shore,” Angelina Pivarnick, called out Snooki’s new man, Jeff Miranda, for being a fame whore. Angelina claims that Jeff is only interested in Snooki to get press. She says, “Jeff used to try and hook up with me all the time after we were done filming in Miami. He really wanted to be my boyfriend. He would come to clubs and follow us around wherever we went.” She says he also macked on the other “Jersey Shore” girls before settling on the Snookster. Pivarnick also claims that Miranda trash-talked several members of the house, and even called Snooki herself “gross.” Oh, and he previously tried out for the show but failed to get on. This all adds up to Miranda being a phony and hooking up with Snooki to get air time on the show he couldn’t get on on his own.

This new shore love seems a little suspicious to us, too, but you have to remember these allegations are coming from a recently booted and probably bitter Angelina. Miranda admitted that he tried out for the show, but says that the rest of Angelina’s claims are false. We hope he is telling the truth because we want our orange little pickle-eater to find love. []