Girls In LEGO-land Are Either A Cheerleader Or A Nurse

Facepalm. What kind of bull hooey is this? LEGO has these thingies called “minifigures,” which are little LEGO people dressed up in different outfits. There’s a spaceman. A cowboy. A magician. A deep sea diver. A zombie with a shovel and a chicken drumstick. And even a kick-ass robot! But all of those minifigures — and more — apparently have tiny little yellow LEGO penises. (OK, not really. But they are all boy LEGOs.) The only two that are women are a cheerleader and a nurse.

Geez Louise. I’m actually shocked there’s no secretary or waitress. Way to stereotype, LEGO. Even Barbie dolls gets less gender-specific options. It’s not like women can’t be astronauts or deep sea divers or cowboys or anything! (I’m not knocking nurses or cheerleaders, obviously, so don’t kick up a fuss.) And don’t try to tell me there aren’t more female LEGO minifigures, because girls don’t play with LEGOs. That’s simply not true. Even if they’re marketed more towards boys, LEGOs are actually one of those toys that you can get creative and play with regardless of what gender or how old you are. Our own Amelia was obsessed with LEGOS as a kid. And she is definitely a girl.

Besides, why should boys only be playing with minifigures that look like men? There are only two female LEGO minifigures, compared with 13 males. It’s a total LEGO sausage-fest. So, next time around, why don’t you let a chick be a zombie?

[LEGO via Shira Tarrant on Twitter]