Cameron Diaz Is Spreading A Ton Of Viruses

Can you believe it? The “Jersey Shore” boys are not the celebs responsible for spreading the most viruses. That distinction actually goes to Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Jessica Biel.

We are talking about computer viruses, of course.According to McAfee, the computer virus software company, Cameron is the most virus-laden gal of all, as internet users have a one in 10 chance of landing on a site with dangerous malware if they search for Cam. Don’t go looking for a “There’s Something About Mary” screensaver, either! You will have a 19 percent chance of landing on a site with “malicious downloads,” according to the technology blog Gizmodo. Searching for Julia and Jessica is slightly less risky, as both have a nine percent chance of leading you to malware. Which dirty dude is spreading the most bad juju? Brad Pitt, followed by Tom Cruise. Clearly, you should just avoid “Knight & Day” entirely.