10 Reasons We’re Thrilled That Chelsea Handler Is Hosting The VMAs

Last night, the amazing Chelsea Handler announced that she will be hosting this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, coming at you live from Los Angeles on September 12th. Why is she the perfect person for the gig? “This has been a huge year for hip-hop and rap, and it is well-known that I have the closest ties with these communities—musically and sexually,” Chelsea joked. “I am to rap and hippity-hop what Warren Buffet is to finance, minus the sex.” [EW]

We are insanely giddy over this news because we love Chelsea. After the jump, 10 reasons we’re thrilled MTV made this pick.

  1. Chelsea has a ton of practice with monologues—that’s how she always starts her late-night show, “Chelsea Lately.” And no one has a wickeder sense of humor when it comes to pop culture.
  2. It’ll be amazing to get some estrogen-fueled humor on the VMA stage after two years of Russell Brand hosting. The last time a lady hosted the event was in 1994 when Roseanne Barr did the honors. The only other time a woman MCed the event? Ten years before that, when Bette Midler co-hosted with Dan Aykroyd.
  3. Chelsea’s book, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, still cracks us up. With a newly single Chelsea hosting, we can place bets on who will be her one-night stand after the show.
  4. Even better, maybe Chelsea and Jennifer Aniston will scam on dudes together? On last night’s show, Jennifer said, “Why didn’t we ever [have a vodka-fueled fiesta]? We were going to go out on the town, and you decided we were going to find men together.” That should happen. [Huffington Post]
  5. Chelsea will no doubt pour vodka shots for the entire audience, which should loosen things up.
  6. Chuy! Wherever Chelsea goes, you can find her pint-sized Mexican sidekick. Maybe he will unleash his infamous Ryan Seacrest impersonation?
  7. Speaking of impersonations, Chelsea’s are always high-larious. Who do we think she’ll do at the big show? Beyoncé? Britney Spears. Please, oh please, let it be Lady Gaga.
  8. Oh, and at the show, Chelsea can continue her amusingly inappropriate flirtation with Justin Bieber. [E! Online]
  9. I’m also hoping that Chelsea brings her dog, Chunk Handler, along for the show. He has his own super popular Twitter page and is known for humping everything in site. [E! Online]
  10. Maybe this is the perfect place for Chelsea to settle her feud with Michelle McGee? Perhaps they can have an insult contest on stage? [EW]

Are you excited that Chelsea is hosting?