10 Peeps Who Could Be The Next “Bachelor” Now That Chris Lambton Has Said No

The word on the street is that Chris Lambton, the rainbow-watching dude who Ali ditched in favor of Roberto on “The Bachelorette,” has turned down ABC’s offer to be the next “Bachelor.” According to multiple sources, Chris just wants to get back to “normal life.” Which doesn’t surprise us hugely. After all, he said after the “Bachelorette” finale, “It would be an amazing opportunity and a great way to find a wife, but I just don’t know if I want to give out more of my personal story.”

Still, ABC is not giving up. “All of our best Bachelors have been hesitant at first,” a source says. “The producers really want Chris to be the guy. They’re hoping they can convince him … This definitely isn’t dead yet.” [People, E! Online]We don’t know if ABC is going to be able to make the super-earnest Massachusettsian change his mind. So just in case, we’ve rounded up some other hawt choices for them.

Who Should Be The Next “Bachelor”?
Krazy Kasey. Kasey got an uggs tattoo to show Ali that he wanted to guard and protect her heart. Now he wants someone to be the she-knight to protect his. Give him a chance to find love, producers.
Hayden Christensen. Since breaking up with fiance Rachel Bilson, Hayden has turned his attention to sheep farming. We say he needs a herding partner to make winters on his Canadian farm less lonely.
The Weatherman. Jonathan seemed like a bit of a tool on Ali’s season. But on “Bachelor Pad, ” we think he’s kind of nerdy sweet.
Al Gore. This would just be amazing. And would get the AARP demographic as hooked on the show as we are.
Reid Rosenthal. Jillian let him go on “The Bachelorette” because he didn’t open up enough. He showed her by coming back to try to woo her in the final hour. Why, oh why, did she pick Ed instead of him? He was solid and adorable.
Jon Gosselin. For the sleaziest season of all time.
Kiptyn. Another totally solid dude who Jillian didn’t choose. Here’s hoping things with Tenley don’t work out on “Bachelor Pad” so that he could be the next “Bachelor.”
Jim Carrey. He and Jenny McCarthy broke up a few months back, and she’s already flaunting a new model. It’s time for Jim to get some new arm candy.
Wes. Yes, he was a total douchebag to Jillian, being proud of making it far on the show even though he had a girlfriend. But now that he seems somewhat sincere on “Bachelor Pad,” he could be a good choice.
Vienna Girardi. Let’s just skip a season of “The Bachelor” and get back to “The Bachelorette.” Vienna is so on the market. And needs someone a little more rough and tumble than Jake.

Who would you like to see as the next “Bachelor?”