Quickies: Steven Tyler Confirmed As Next “Idol” Judge & Betty White The Author

  • Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has officially signed on as the next “American Idol” judge. Yow-yow-yowwwww! (Sorry, that was our poorly conveyed Tyler impression.) [MSNBC]
  • Chris Lambton, Ali’s runner-up on “The Bachelorette,” has apparently refused ABC’s offer for him to be the next “Bachelor.” Hooray! Now he and Ami can fall in love the old-fashioned way! [Bumpshack]
  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s divorce will become final on Valentine’s Day 2011. Fitting. [TMZ]

  • Betty White is releasing two books over the next three years: Listen Up!, a career advice guide, and The Zoo & I, about her work at the Los Angeles Zoo. [Movieline]
  • A woman intends to open a museum called the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art on the Jersey Shore in an effort to de-“Jersey Shore”-ify the area. I hope she is not too disappointed when Snooki barfs on the artwork. [NY Times]
  • A 23-year-old college student was arrested for throwing a pie into Michigan Senator Carl Levin’s face. [Lemondrop]