Hollywood Party Crashing Could Soon Earn You Jail Time

Thanks to movies like “Wedding Crashers” and incidents like the Salahis’ not-so-official invite to the White House, party crashing has become more of an occupation than a form of trespassing. Well, California is trying to take the glamour out of sneaking in through a window or slipping past a bodyguard; the state’s lawmakers are looking to make inviting yourself to someone else’s shindig an offense that is punishable by six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. The call to arms for lawmakers began after several unmentionables slipped into a SAG Awards after-party and supposedly posed a threat to legitimate guests. Basically, California is aware that celebrities are one of their most important natural resources and are doing what it takes to keep them happy.

But “professional party crashers” say that if the proposal passes it could only cause more problems, because people may see getting busted as a way of getting their 15 minutes (or seconds) of fame. Meaning we may have more Salahis to look forward to. Ugh. [The Cinematical]