Forever 21 Says Lederhosen Are Hot Hot Hot For Fall 2010

Pity the high school administrators. Their lives just go so sucky. The fall 2010 look book for Forever 21’s line Heritage 1981 has more suspenders than a Steve Urkel orgy, including with crotch-hugging lederhosen. Lederhosen? Yes, really.Clearly, F21 is just ripping off designers like The Row, Alice + Olivia and Chrome Hearts, who debuted lederhosen-ish leather shorts during spring 2010. It certainly doesn’t hurt that lederhosen are probably the closest most girls can get to the Lady Gaga/“no pants” look while still dressing appropriately for Spanish class. I think it’s funny and whimsical, even if you are nowhere near old enough to attend a bierfest. [Hot Beauty Health]

Image via the Heritage 1981/Forever 21 fall 2010 look book on