Forever 21 Says Lederhosen Are Hot Hot Hot For Fall 2010

Jessica Wakeman | August 18, 2010 - 6:15 pm

Pity the high school administrators. Their lives just go so sucky. The fall 2010 look book for Forever 21’s line Heritage 1981 has more suspenders than a Steve Urkel orgy, including with crotch-hugging lederhosen. Lederhosen? Yes, really.Clearly, F21 is just ripping off designers like The Row, Alice + Olivia and Chrome Hearts, who debuted lederhosen-ish leather shorts during spring 2010. It certainly doesn’t hurt that lederhosen are probably the closest most girls can get to the Lady Gaga/“no pants” look while still dressing appropriately for Spanish class. I think it’s funny and whimsical, even if you are nowhere near old enough to attend a bierfest. [Hot Beauty Health]

Image via the Heritage 1981/Forever 21 fall 2010 look book on