Coffee Chaos: Woman Kicked Out of Starbucks Over Bagel Dispute

Lynne Rosenthal just wanted a plain multi-grain bagel — and because of that she was kicked out of a New York City Starbucks.

It seems Rosenthal, who is a college English professor, wanted the bagel plain, without any butter, cream cheese or other condiments on top. But when her Starbucks barista asked her whether she wanted “butter or cream cheese” with it, she flipped out. As she explains it: “I just wanted a multigrain bagel. I refused to say ‘without butter or cheese.’ When you go to Burger King, you don’t have to list the six things you don’t want.”

Sounds logical, but probably not a rationale that works at a chain that forces its patrons to refer to a large drink as a “venti.”

Rosenthal got in a screaming match with the barista, who told her that she wasn’t going to get her bagel unless she specified butter, cream cheese or neither. Eventually a manager was called and she was forcibly removed from the store by three police officers.

“If you don’t use their language, they refuse to serve you.” said Rosenthal. “They don’t understand what a plain multigrain bagel is.”