Bad Poetry Day: Frisky Readers Share Their Worst Adolescent Poems

bad poetry 081710 m jpg

Lament of a P.O.ed Teenager:

“Hello, Mr. Spider
Are you unhappy too?
So melancholy you sit there
Sitting there so blue.

You must be so lonely.
I’m pretty lonesom too.
I’ve a way to help us out:
Spidey… meet my shoe!

‘Cause I’m not happy with the world
And that includes you too!
The universe don’t like me either.
Let me give you a clue.

Bickering, annoyances,
They stick to me like glue.
Even if I’m not involved
The world still wants me to.

Another thing that the world
Really likes to do:
It fills me up, all anxious-like,
and then swaps it for poo.

It always ignores my wants,
My needs, my grievance too.
You mention my name to the world
It’ll ask you, “Who?”

And yet it blesses those
Who don’t deserve a flu.
The more deserving get the crap.
But I ask you, “What’s new?”

All of this is very sad
But also very true.
I’m done complaining to you now.
So, Spidey, to heck with you!”

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