8 Stars Who’ve Been Physically Attacked By Fans

adrienne curry starwars m jpg
Apparently, during the Star Wars convention in Orlando this weekend, Adrianne Curry was molested by a drunk man, who tried to stick his hand up her Princess Leia “skirt.” After the incident, Curry told her Twitter followers, “waiting4an hour &a half 4 cops 2 show up at orlando4 a drunk man who reached up my skirt&molested me” and added later, “FYI, I not only elbowed the guy in the face, I spit on him, screamed, and my friends cracked his head on the pavement more than 5 times.” Well, it sounds like he got his comeuppance. And hopefully Adrianne will wear more clothing in general [Ed Note: Sorry readers -- we did not intend for this to come off as victim-blaming as it sounds. Our bad.] stop butchering the English language so atrociously. After seeing photos from the event, it’s apparent that she was doing some molesting herself and not just of our eyes. To comfort Curry, we’ve rounded up a few celebs who were also physically attacked by fans. [The Superficial]
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