Would You Get Married In A Vera Wang Wedding Gown?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately (or, OK, were maybe on summer vacation somewhere exotic, lucky) you know that Vera Wang has been the talk of the (fashion) town. Thanks to Chelsea Clinton’s exquisite Wang-designed gown, and now Hilary Duff’s supposed altar attire, Vera Wang is the it designer du jour for wedding couture. (Not like she was ever out of style; she’s always been a celebrity favorite, but Wang has been racking up tons of high-profile weddings this summer.) Vera Wang dresses are by no means affordable, costing thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. But we’re interested to know—if you had the opportunity to wear one of her gowns to your wedding, would you? We see both sides: On the one hand, you might not want anything cookie cutter if you’re all about personalization, custom-made, or family hand-me-downs (or maybe the designs aren’t even your style!). On the other: Vera Wang squeeee! Of course you’d jump at the opportunity to wear something so high-end and luxe. Leave your answers in the comments below! [Vera Wang]