What’s Your Most Over-The-Top Breakup Moment?

Breakups are never pleasant, but sometimes lovers just exacerbate the pain and humiliation. Like Anthony Hinrichs, of Madison, Wisconsin. Anthony and his gal pal Tonia were caught having sex — in a park, in broad daylight — by a team of firefighters and Anthony’s girlfriend. Oh yeah, Tonia isn’t Anthony’s girlfriend, but neither that nor good taste prevented Anthony from going to the bone zone with Tonia in front of a crowd of strangers. It’s certainly a pretty dramatic way to break up with someone. And it reminds us of the time we found our high school boyfriend sucking face with another girl at a concert. He claimed they were “just good friends who were saying goodbye.” With their tongues. That gave us the message real quick — this particular guy believed tonsil hockey was a perfectly permissible “friend” activity and we weren’t going to make it through the band’s encore.

What’s the most dramatic way you’ve ever been dumped? Please share and commiserate in the comments!