What’s One Thing You Want To Learn To Love About Yourself?

We all have those things about ourselves that we have trouble accepting, like, uh, our ugly feet or the fact that we always interrupt people when we get excited about something. I would know nothing about that. Really. In honor of Love Yourself Week here at The Frisky, I’ve decided to make peace with something about myself that I have the most trouble accepting — my sensitivity. I do lots of things to hide/conceal/balance my intense emotions. And it’s exhausting. Instead of thinking of my sensitivity as a weakness, I would like to embrace it. And now it’s everyone else’s turn. After the jump, some Frisky staffers share the thing they want to learn to love about themselves. Share yours in the comments.

“I really would like to learn to love the way I look. I’ve written about this before, but I was hit with a triple dose of the FUGS as a teenager — braces, glasses, and horrific acne — and as much as those things are under control now, I still have an ugly teen living inside that sometimes gives me low self-esteem. This, by the way, is not a plea for all of you to reply with how pretty I am.” – Amelia

“I hate how moody I get around my period. And I just don’t see myself ever learning to love that. There’s probably a better chance that I learn to love my fat ass before I love my moodiness.” – Wendy

“I want to learn to love my compulsive/addictive behavior … or at least make peace with it. I get annoyed at myself because I think, ‘I shop too much’ or ‘I drink too much Starbucks.’ Other people try to make me feel guilty about it, but it all makes me happy, though. I wish I could see myself as indulgent, not compulsive.” – Jessica

“My weight.” – Nikki

“I would like to learn to love my present (as in time) — whatever that might be at the moment. Too often, I live in the future and don’t appreciate who I am in the moment.” – Leo

“I hate the way I look. HATE IT — I think I am fat and fugs. la la la!” – Julie

“I’m trying to learn to love how much I need people, community, communion, in my life. I’ve always thought I was weak for needing other people so much, but I’m realizing as I get older that it could be a cause for celebration. Babs said it best: ‘People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.'”– Joanne