Quick Beauty Tip: Pure Aloe Vera For Wounds And Cold Sores

Ever since I saw “Food, Inc.” and began researching toxins in beauty products through the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, I vowed to begin eating organic and non-processed when possible, and to gradually attempt to replace my beauty aids with natural (or as close to natural as possible) products. So when I got one mother of a cold sore last weekend, instead of opting for my chemical-infused lotions and balms, I remembered once being advised to try gel directly from an aloe vera plant. You’ll commonly find aloe vera mixed in with lotions, and while it’s generally thought to have great medicinal properties for healing skin, its effectiveness isn’t exactly proven. I found, however, that my cold sore shrank dramatically from applying the plant’s gel directly to it. I also dabbed it on a few very red and inflamed zits, which I found to be far better the next day. To apply, you’ll want to cut into the leaf horizontally. Inside is a gooey mess. You can rub your finger in it, and then apply to the wound, or apply directly. Wrap up the leaf in plastic and keep in the fridge. Each time you re-apply, cut off a small section to get a fresher part. Warning: This isn’t for everyone. This goo smells. Like ass. (I rubbed some Rosebud Salve under and slightly in my nostrils to detract from the smell.) And it goes on slightly yellow, so you’ll want to make sure you’re staying at home for a while.

Do you use pure aloe vera in your beauty routine? We’d be interested to know how else to put the plant to use!