Should Jessica Alba’s Untamed “Va-Jay-Jay” Be A “Vagina”?

“Untamed Vaginas.” Now that’s a cover line — one you’ll never, ever see on the cover of a mainstream magazine. So the September issue of Cosmopolitan went with this big splashy cover line over Jessica Alba’s crotch: “Untamed Va-jay-jays: Guess What Sexy Style Is Back.”

This is too much for blogger Leah Chernikoff at Fashionista. Railing against the use of “va-jay-jay” from “Grey’s Anatomy” to “Oprah,” she now has a “desperate plea” for a “moratorium” on the word. “When I hear people say it out loud I am a little embarrassed,” Chernikoff wrote. “What’s wrong with saying ‘vagina’?” For what it’s worth, Khloe Kardashian, of all people, agrees with her.I’m not totally against the word “va-jay-jay” and in fact, I use it myself in my writing sometimes. I agree the word “vagina” is a bit too clinical for Barnes & Noble and the Piggly Wiggly checkout; the same goes for “penis.” But is a silly non-word word like “va-jay-jay” any better? I don’t see how “va-jay-jay” and “vagina” are all too different.

Granted, context is important; this particular context lends itself to a lighthearted use of silly slang. (Lest you think wild vaginas are ravaging the streets, the article refers to letting pubic hair grow out instead of waxing.) An article about female genital mutilation using the word “va-jay-jay” would be inappropriate for The New Yorker. Still, it’s hard not to roll your eyes when a magazine for adult women calls one of your most intimate body parts a “va-jay-jay.”

Are you over the word “va-jay-jay,” too? [Fashionista]