German Pop Star On Trial For Knowingly Infecting A Man With HIV

No Angels was the German answer to the Spice Girls. Formed in 2000, one of the band’s members was the beautiful Nadja Benaissa. Who, sadly, is no angel. Nadja was a crack addict at age 14, and got preggers at 16. And that’s when she found out that she was HIV positive. She hid this fact from the world and went on the TV show “Popstars,” earning herself a spot in No Angels.

Now Nadja is on trial for knowingly infecting a man with HIV. A man who dated Nadja for three months in 2004 contracted the disease from having unprotected sex with her. He had no idea that she was HIV-positive at all—until three years later when Nadja’s aunt told him. He promptly went to get tested and found out he was positive, too. He claims that Benaissa’s management tried to pay him to keep silent about it. Which is why he went to the police.

Nadja said in a statement, “It was said to me that the probability of me passing on the virus was practically zero. Therefore I also concealed the fact that I was infected to my acquaintances. I did not want my daughter to be branded by this. I told the band members because I trusted them. I never made it public because I thought that would mean the end of the band,” she said. “I am sorry from my heart. No way did I want my partner to be infected.”

The trial is still in progress, but Nadja could be facing several years in prison. She is also charged with having unprotected sex with two other men.

What do you think of this case? Do you believe that she could have possibly believed the chances of passing on HIV were so slight that she didn’t need to disclose it to her partners? [Daily Mail, Huffington Post]