Beauty Test Drive: Neosporin Lip Health

I committed a cardinal beauty sin yesterday, guys. You see, contrary to what the beautifully made-up artist at MAC claimed, the Lip Conditioner SPF 15 doesn’t protect and moisturize the lips adequately. I knew my lips were really chapped, yet I still applied my lipstick, only to look as if I were trying to cover up a cold sore. It wasn’t a pretty look and I knew my lips deserved better treatment and protection. I remembered reading about some celebrity who always carries Neosporin Lip Health in her bag, so I thought I’d give it a try. I mean, starlets can afford to purchase anything for their lips, so if she vouched for a drugstore product, then it must be good, right? I found the Lip Health in the section of the store where lip treatments, i.e., Abreva tubes, are sold. This thing definitely isn’t a cosmetic. According to the package, it will “restore visibly healthier lips in 3 days by reducing dryness,” and it contains SPF 20 to protect against sunburn.

After the first application, my lips started to feel smoother and the Lip Health softened the chapped skin so that it was easier to peel off. I was on my way to softer lips and reapplied Lip Health when necessary, including right before going to sleep. When I woke, my lips were smooth and supple after less than a day of use. And this morning, my lipstick went on smooth. My lips were finally crack-free. It has occurred to me that my benzoyl peroxide face wash was probably the biggest culprit drying out my lips. So I’ve made a commitment to applying Neosporin Lip Health after every face-washing and throughout the day. I might become an addict of this stuff. [$5.49, Walgreens]

Image: Walgreens