8 Things To Know About Jeff Miranda, Snooki’s New Boyfriend

It sounds like there will be no more Snookin’ for love for a while as our dear little Snooki has found a new man! His name is Jeff Miranda and the blogs are already buzzing about the Millstone, New Jersey, guido-in-training and his intentions. We’ve rounded up all we can find about the guy so that you can voice your concerns and share your “Jersey Shore” expertise at the water cooler … or wherever people who aren’t in ’90s sitcoms hang out at work.

  • He believes in love at first sight. Snooki and Jeff met at club Karma in Seaside Heights, and Miranda has already told People that it was “love at first sight … I’ve always thought she was beautiful … [But] she’s also a sweetheart. She’s affectionate like I am. We have a lot in common. We both don’t care what people think of us. If we’re happy, that’s all that matters. I just want to be with one person, I hope she doesn’t listen to this crap and go with what her heart tells her. I’m not an a——. I’m really not.” [People]
  • He’s a vet. Jeff is an Iraq veteran and since returning from his service, he’s been doing graphic design and running a video production company. And he co-owns a fugly clothing line called Full Armor.
  • His friends hate him. While Jeff insists he’s not in it for the fame, his friend told Radar, “I’ve known Jeff for a long time and the guy is a player. This whole Guido thing is something totally new. He’s become a gym rat and hooked-up with Snooki to get popularity and fame. Let’s face it, the guy wants to be a star.” I can’t wait to hear what his enemies have to say! [Radar]
  • Her friends approve. Kinda. Meanwhile, Snooki’s posse has mixed feelings for the guy, as Jeff has said, “Pauly [D] is happy for us and even gave us his blessing. He told me to treat her well. He also told me that Nicole is a good woman and won’t hurt me. And trust me, I won’t hurt her. I like Pauly, he and I get along good. Everyone else on the show seems to be cool with me except for Vinny. I don’t know what that’s about though.” Really, Jeff? You don’t know what that’s about? Maybe he missed last week’s episode where they totally smushed? [Radar Online]
  • He’s media-friendly. Since his identity was revealed to us this morning, Miranda has already talked to Radar and People for starters. He’s also made his Facebook profile private and deleted some videos online. It looks like he’s getting prepared for the inevitable media frenzy, but for someone who’s so insistent that it’s not about the fame, he’s already said more than Vinny’s said in two seasons.
  • He’s defensive of Snooki. Since the rumors started, Jeff addressed his Facebook friends, writing, “People no more Snookie (sic) talk. Her name is Nicole by the way. All I’m saying is we had a great time together. She is an amazing girl and couldn’t ask for any more or less. I am not making any further comments about Nicole and myself. When the time is right you will be updated.” And by “you will be updated,” I assume he meant “you will read about it on a million blogs.”
  • He wants to be an actor. Jeff has revealed that his dream is “doing movies,” he told Radar. “I have the gift. I’ve always been the funny guy in the group and I’m good at acting.” But he insists that’s not what the relationship is about, “I’m not using Nicole for that. I want to make it on my own … I don’t care about the cameras. It’s about me and her. If they offered me to be on the show over [dating] Nicole, I’d say no. I said, ‘F— the cameras, let’s run away.’ I want people to stop hating. It’s not about fame, it’s about me being happy.” Since Snooki’s ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella is getting work from his brief tryst with Snooki (he’s allegedly working on a project with Spencer Pratt), it does appear that Snooki does possess the power to make a guy famousish. [Starcasm]
  • He tried out for “Jersey Shore.” You might remember that Snooki dumped her ex Emilio when she suspected he was cheating on her and when she found out that he had auditioned for “The Real World.” Well, this morning at 9:48, two videos were deleted off Vimeo, one entitled “Jeff Miranda Jersey Shore audition” and the other was called “Jeff miranda aka lucky guys night out audition tape.” The “Jersey Shore” audition tape had been uploaded on May 6th, which means that Miranda auditioned and probably realized his best bet was to hook up with one of the ladies if he wanted on the show. Just sayin’.

Do you trust this guy with our Snooks?