7 Female Celebs Forced To Talk About Whether They’re Having Kids

celebs forced to talk about motherhood hilary swank jpg
What’s up with every female celebrity being asked obsessively about her future baby plans? As if that’s the only thing we would possibly want to know about her. Does anyone else think this is kind of rude, not to mention really freaking annoying? Can you imagine George Clooney being interviewed about having kids? He’d probably laugh, run his fingers through his silver hair, and change the subject to his almighty penis. I demand a cease and desist on the celebrity baby talk. Unless you are with child or just popped one out, you should not be forced to talk about kids. It’s private!

Like poor Hilary Swank in this month’s In Style. Natch, she was grilled to death about her new boyfriend, John Campisi, and whether or not they are planning to breed right away. Swank said that although she’s thought about having kids “since a really young age,” she’ll wait until “the time is right.” Well, what else can you say when backed into that uncomfortable corner? [People]

After the jump, more celebs forced to give stupid quotes about maybe motherhood.

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