30 Things I Do Well

For “Love Yourself Week,” I’m doing things a little different than some of the other Frisky staffers and instead of writing a list of 30 things I love about myself, I’ve got a little list of 30 things I do well. Some of these 30 things that I do well I love about myself and some … well, some I don’t. After the jump, can you tell which is which?

  1. Eating my weight in chocolate.
  2. Procrastinating.
  3. Keeping in touch with people.
  4. Remembering birthdays (without the help of Facebook, thank you very much).
  5. Making Sangria.
  6. Complaining about the heat.
  7. Learning new games pretty quickly.
  8. Following my heart.
  9. Hunting out great bargains.
  10. Wearing the worst walking shoes on days when I do the most walking.
  11. Cooking up a big brunch. (This is one of my favorite quiche recipes, fyi.)
  12. Reading between the lines.
  13. Biking real fast.
  14. Acting like I’m interested in what someone’s saying to me even if I’d rather be watching senate nomination hearings on C-Span.
  15. Doing the “pigeon” pose in yoga class.
  16. Giving advice.
  17. Planning a beautiful wedding on a small budget.
  18. Speaking my mind when the situation calls for it.
  19. Knowing — for the most part — when the situation calls for it.
  20. Finding the one seat on the plane that’s closest to all the screaming children.
  21. Singing karaoke.
  22. Spending an entire day doing absolutely nothing.
  23. Writing thank-you notes promptly.
  24. Keeping my apartment clean and clutter-free.
  25. Trusting my gut.
  26. Figuring out how I can help out and then doing it.
  27. Gaining five pounds in 48 hours.
  28. Designing/decorating a pretty home.
  29. Making excuses.
  30. Making those I love feel loved.

And just for good measure, here are three things I’m slowly getting better at:

  1. Ignoring nasty internet comments.
  2. Eating all the groceries before they go bad.
  3. Remembering to keep the toilet paper well-stocked.

Photos: iStockphoto