Neil Patrick Harris And Boyfriend Having Twins

Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend David Burtka are pretty much the cutest couple ever. And so we were thrilled to read on Neil’s Twitter page this weekend that they’re gonna be papas. “So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall,” he wrote. “We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled.” The two are becoming parents via a surrogate. And since they happen to look, oh, almost exactly the same, here’s hoping that they get two little blue-eyed, dimpled tykes who can also act, sing, and dance like no one’s business. Neil and David met five years ago when they were both acting on Broadway, only David had a long-term beau at that point. “I sort of gazed from afar until that had run its course,” Neil said. “It was all very quick and fast and I’m still head over heels and we’re five-plus years in.”

Interestingly, in his pre-Neil days, David was also raising twins with his former partner. Is he still involved in those kids’ lives? Did they use a surrogate, too? If so, what are the chances that both would have twins?

Regardless, I am super-excited for Neil and David. I just don’t want to hear what Bill O’Reilly will say about this one. If he thinks Jennifer Aniston is detrimental to society for suggesting that women can raise babies solo, he’ll no doubt have a field day with this one. [People]