Matchmakerpalooza: We Set Up 10 Notorious Cheaters With Their Ideal Mates

set up jesse and kat jpg
After the truth came out about Jesse James this year, part of me wants to slap him should our paths ever cross in real life. But then there’s the other part of me that feels sorry for him because, well, he’s just kind of sad. So I didn’t know how to feel when I read that on Saturday night, he was spotted out in Las Vegas on a date with Kat Von D of “L.A. Ink.” The two left the restaurant holding hands. Regardless of whether Jesse deserves it, I do think these two are a great match. They’re both entrepreneurs who’ve built mini empires out of their left-of-center loves—tattooing and motorcycling, respectively. Kat Von D is covered in ink, which Jesse obviously loves, but she is 2000 times less skanky than Michelle McGee. And they both have reality TV shows, so are equally matched in the B-list fame department. [People] Since I’m feeling charitable today, I’m setting up other notorious cheaters with peeps who could be their perfect match.
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