“Glee” versus “Modern Family”: The Emmy Ad Showdown

Now, I love “Glee.” I also love “Modern Family.” So I’m kind of glad I am not part of the committee that’ll have to vote on which show wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy. Both shows have put together very funny ads in Hollywood Reporter.The one for “Glee” features Sue Sylvester saying, “Academy voters, I’m begging you. They must not win a single statue. Will Schuester’s head is big enough already. Actually, it’s mostly hair. He’s like a Shih-tzu. If you threw him in a pool, he’d look all weird and scrawny like a wet rat. Except a wet rat is less likely to just start rapping for no reason. So actually, I prefer the wet rat.”

The pitch for “Modern Family”? Their ad reads, “If ‘Modern Family’ wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd. Cast member may change without notice.” Phew, I bet Sofia wasn’t very happy with that one until the last line.

I dunno about this “Modern Family” ad. Yes, it got a chuckle. But, it’s also kind of icks. Like really, that’s the best sell you have for your show—Sofia’s hotness? What do you guys think? Which ad is funnier? And who should get the Emmy?

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