Dress Your Child In Skinny Jeans And Jeggings?

We could feel the beginnings of a trend floating in the air back in May when denim diapers made their debut and more recently, when we saw some sassy styles in the windows of BabyGap. Now the concept has solidified and it’s this: skinny jeans for kids. The Gap, in particular, is the focus of a Wall Street Journal story investigating the trend. Apparently, the company has one of the largest stakes in the skinny jeans-for-tots market. But other big retailers are also marketing the super-slim aesthetic. Refinery 29 spotted these jeggings in a Ralph Lauren kids window and J.Crew’s kiddie division also sells a slim model. So why are parents sliding their little ones into skinny jeans when, um, most babies aren’t what you’d call “skinny”? Some think it’s because of the recession that parents are spending less on themselves and putting their children first, therefore living vicariously through their child’s closet, or, as the WSJ aptly puts it, it’s a “mini-me mentality.”

Expect the trend to intensify. While jeggings have been a hit with slightly older kids, the Gap is apparently about to come out with jeggings for babies. So what cheeky term will people start using for those? Beggings? Jeggings Jr.? MiniJegs? [Wall Street Journal]