20 Things That Make A Woman

Last week, Amelia posted a list of 20 things we Frisky editors think make a man. In the interest of equality, we thought it only fair to give the same treatment to our own fair sex; after the jump, 20 things that make a woman.

  1. The ability to admit when she’s wrong.
  2. The ability to forgive when others have wronged her.
  3. Being there for her friends even when it’s not most convenient for her.
  4. A bed built for two.
  5. Ears that listen without judgment.
  6. Being gracious in the face of defeat.
  7. Letting go of the drama.
  8. Giving love a second chance despite a previous broken heart.
  9. A few lessons learned the hard way.
  10. Knowing how to apologize sincerely.
  11. A ready smile.
  12. Accepting what she can’t change about herself.
  13. Loving fiercely.
  14. Knowing how to bring a lover to his (or her) knees.
  15. Letting her heart guide her.
  16. A signature dish.
  17. A dress that makes her feel like a million bucks.
  18. The ability to keep a secret.
  19. Finding the lessons she can learn from others and learning them.
  20. Her relationships with the people who mean the most to her.