Brigitte Bardot Pissed That A Biopic Of Her Life Is In The Works

Director Kyle Newman is working on a biopic of French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, and has tapped his wifey, Jaime King, to play the title role. Only there is one person who is so not happy about the flick—Brigitte herself. “A film about my life? But I’m not dead!” she said on a radio show this week. “They wouldn’t dare do it without talking to me. If they do, sparks will fly.”The iconic, big-haired blonde left acting in the ’70s and became an animal rights activist and outspoken critic of French society. Apparently, she’s been ticketed for “inciting racial hatred” five times, though she’s also shaken hands with French prez Nicolas Sarkozy. Who knows if this biopic will follow her life just through her famous years or into the fighting words-slinging eccentric stage? Either way, I’m happy to see that she still is into eyeliner. [PopEater]