Why Do Women Still Hook Up With The Guys Of “Jersey Shore”?

This week’s “Jersey Shore” was of course full of fine champagne, couture wear, British accents, political discussions and everything else that is classy. Yeah, not so much. In reality, we were treated to a classic scene in which The Situation and Pauly D pick up a crew of girls and bring them back home for some hot tub nookie. Only midway through, Mike starts to sober up and realizes that—gasp!—they are with grenades. Which you’ll remember is their term for a fat, ugly chick. A skinny ugly chick is, of course, a “landmine.” What lovely terms of endearment.Meanwhile, we get shots of one of the super tan-lined “grenades” (who, for the record, is not even slightly fat) making goo-goo eyes at Pauly and it’s, well, sad. Things only get more awkward from there when one of the girl’s pads dislodges itself from her bra cup and starts floating in the pool. At which point, the guys play catch with it.

All I have to say is, why, oh why do women continue to hook up with these lame a-holes? Everyone knows who they are at this point—why do women not run the other way when they see them and the camera crew coming? Being on TV for 30 seconds is not worth your dignity. Messing with these guys will not bring fame or fortune or the shot at an acting career. It will not make your friends think you are cool and totally wild. Worst case scenario, you get in incurable STD or knocked up with one of these loser’s spawn. Best case scenario, you get called a grenade and hyena by a smug jerk on national TV and then they play catch with your chicken cutlet. Really, it’s the ultimate lose-lose.

Ladies, stop rewarding these guys for their nasty behavior. Turn the tables. How funny would it be if they went to a club and couldn’t get so much as a sexy dance from anyone? All of a sudden, the joke would be on them.