The Mayor Of Wasilla Tells Levi Johnston Not To Run

Verne Rupright, otherwise known as the current mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, wasn’t too excited when he heard that Levi Johnston was gunning for his job for the sake of a reality TV show. The mayor chatted with The Daily Beast today to poke a few holes in Levi’s plan. First issue: he’s not even up for reelection until 2011. And he had some choice words for whippersnapper Levi. “My advice would be get your high-school diploma and keep your clothes on, voters like it,” Rupright said. “That’s just some advice from a guy my age to a guy his age … I’m almost old enough to be his granddad.”

Rupright also wants Levi to know that winning an election, even in a small town like Wasilla, isn’t nearly as easy as impregnating the governor’s daughter. Last election, five candidates threw their hat in the ring for the job and Rupright only won in a run-off. “I must have banged on 2,000 doors when I ran every day,” he said. “I put on the tennis shoes and I was walking every night and every weekend, but it takes time to do that because you have to learn every corner of the town and everybody in it.”

He also wants Levi to know that it’s not all fun and games overseeing the city government staff of 130. He says, “It’s like running an enterprise and you can’t run an enterprise from out of state or from your BlackBerry.” [Daily Beast]

But still, yesterday Levi made his campaign official. “It’s for real. I’m going to go there and do what I can,” he said in a statement. “Obviously that’s where I grew up and that’s my home. It’s always going to be home to me. Tripp’s going to grow up there and I want to change a few things.” [Huffington Post]

Levi says he hopes to begin his campaign by getting a high school diploma and running for city council. Wait, maybe he actually is listening to Rupright?