Steven Slater Wants His JetBlue Job Back

Yesterday, it seemed like former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater would undoubtedly be fodder for a biopic, or at least a TV movie that seemed like “Office Space” in the air. But today, Steven has given a totally lame ending to his story. He just wants his job back. At a press conference held yesterday outside his home in Queens, New York, Steven’s lawyer explained, “JetBlue is a wonderful airline which [Steven] has loved working for, and wishes to continue working for. He understands the problems, but it has been a fair and understanding airline.” I think there’s about a zero percent chance that Steven will get his old job back after flaming out earlier this week, cursing out a passenger over the loud speaker, deploying the emergency slide, and grabbing two beers before exiting down it. JetBlue’s CEO is obviously not too happy about the incident. “Intentionally arming and deploying an evacuation slide for anything other than the express purpose of protecting the safety of our Crew and Customers is unacceptable,” he wrote in a memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal. “It will not, and can not, be tolerated … Slides deploy extremely quickly, with enough force to kill a person. Slides can be as dangerous as a gun, and that’s the reason we have intensive initial and recurrent training. It is an insult to all aviation professionals to have this particular element of the story treated without the seriousness it deserves.” [Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, the Queens district attorney’s office continues to investigate the case. Steven could get up to seven years in jail for criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing.

What do you think—should he be prosecuted? And should he get his job back? [People]