Gift For Gab: The Best Comments Of The Week Of August 6, 2010

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You crack us up! Each week in this column, we shout out to our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet. And you can get in on the action too. Tell us your favorite comments of the week below.AllDressedUp in Tila Tequila Doing A Porno. Who’s Next?

“But…what if the porn industry is controlled by the illuminati?! (for those who don’t know Tila went on a blogging spree a while ago on her website about Illuminati conspiracy theories probably cuz she stumbled across it on the web and went ‘OMG guiz u nEeD 2 ChEcK tHiS oUtttttt!!!1 WaTcH Ur BaCkZZZ!!!!11′)”

victor_riley in Emma Watson Proves The Pixie Is Back!

“F them. It doesn’t matter if a lot of people hate it… it doesn’t even matter if guys like me love it.

If YOU love it… keep the haircut. Just sayin.”

Huh? in Adventures In Rihanna’s On-Stage Self-Love

“Maybe she should try it at home first???
She comes across as asexual as a robot”

cattgirl813 in Quick Pic: Vintage Anna Wintour

“I like how the caption says she’s the most stylish woman in America…from the neck up. You have to appreciate Anna’s bravery. In a not so subtle way, she reminds us that every woman – no matter how large or small – needs good foundation garments.”

emflow in 1,000 Points To The Person Who Can Explain What’s Going On In LiLo’s 6126 Lookbook

“Looking solely at the pics posted here:

In the first photo it’s pretty clear that the male model got stuck trying to get into one of LiLo’s designes, and unfortunately Ms. Lohan is a bit too over-medicated to help him untangle himself.

The third photos is much the same situation, except they realized all rescue attempts were futile after the female model became inexplicably incapacitated. The poor male model is reduced to praying for the jaws of life.

And the second photos should clearly be last. That’s after they realized no one except LiLo could safely wear the so-called ‘clothing.'”

ErikaWells in 1,000 Points To The Person Who Can Explain What’s Going On In LiLo’s 6126 Lookbook

“It’s a new form of yoga, you see. It’s cally LiLoga. 

You put on tight, dark clothing that concentrates the blood flow to your liver. You then crouch down in certain positions, including Praying Mantis (picture 1), Praying On The Floor (the male model in picture 2), and Praying For A Shorter Sentence (the female model in picture 2). Interspersed with wearing pretty dresses and quietly pondering your future (picture 3), this all is supposed to rid your body of toxins. 

Wearing masks while practicing LiLoga may help you remain serene, and it also might help to tie up some guy in your grandma’s shawl so he can writhe around while you relax.

Go ahead, try it today!”

EscapeHatch in Teens Take Over The Blue Carpet At The Teen Choice Awards

Who. Are. These. People.

Time to call AARP, I’m officially out of touch.”

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