And The Prize Goes To … The Best Use Of A Legacy

Last week, we told you about the first book in the new Lorien Legacies, I Am Number Four, and asked you to tell us which Legacy, or superpower, you’d like to have. In exchange for an I Am Number Four prize pack, we also asked you to tell us how you’d use your Legacy for good and evil. I’m sure it was as difficult choosing one superpower as it was choosing one winner, but josephine won for this comment:

“Apparition, teleportation, jumping – whatever you call it, I want it.

For myself: It would shrink my world, family and friends across the globe? Done. Moving furniture? Not an issue. Late to work? No problem. That amazing falafel place in Paris that I long for? No problem.

For Good: Oh no, the bad guys are on the run! No problem, I’m waiting ahead of them. Trapped? Nope. Someone tries to punch me? I’m behind you! I would love that.

For Evil: I’m in your bank vault, stealing your money. I’m in the white house, talking to ‘Bama. I’m on my island, inaccessible by anyone else.

There are different types of examples of this in fiction.

Harry Potter: Too loud, and you can splinch yourself.

X-Men: That little blue dude left smoke trails and didn’t seem to go very far

Jumper (Book): Davey Rice had my kind of superpower…I mean, Legacy”