Which Celebrity Pushes The Most Products?

The other day, an ad popped up on my computer for Vitamin Water. And the friendly face telling me to drink the oddly flavored H20 was none other than Ellen DeGeneres. “Wait,” I thought. “Isn’t she also pushing CoverGirl anti-aging products? And doing her dance to inspire folks to get American Express cards? And doing that faux ad for iPhone apps, which even if it wasn’t intended to sell iPhones probably did?”

This got me thinking—which star out there pushes the most products? Here, the results in graph form. See it larger here. A more detailed breakdown, after the jump.In addition to Ellen, we’ve got:

  • It seems like Victoria Beckham always wears next to nothing when she’s endorsing a product. Maybe she likes hanging out in her underwear? More likely, peeps are just paying her really well. Either way, her face and hot bod have been connected to Sobe Life Water, Polaroid, LG, Marc Jacobs, her own dress line and perfume, as well as Armani and TESCO.
  • Beyoncé has done spots for L’Oreal, American Express, her perfume “Heat,” C&A clothing, Nintendo DSi, TV company Vizio and Got Milk?
  • Maria Sharapova became famous for playing tennis but got uber wealthy promoting stuff. She’s been in ads for Canon, Nike, Palmolive soap, Parlux fragrance, Cole Haan and TAG Heuer watches.
  • Kim Kardashian should just go into marketing because sometimes it seems like all she does is rep products. She gets paid a rumored $10,000 a Tweet to write about Carl Jr’s. or Reebok. She’s also got a deal with Quick Trim. And Kim also promotes her own products. She has her own fragrance, a cupcake line, and is rumored to be coming out with athletic gear.

Any other stars you’ve noticed in a zillion ads?