What’s Your GTL Situation?

Over the years, the Frisky’s personal spiritual guide Mike “The SItuation” Sorrentino, of “Jersey Shore” fame, has given us many things to think about. Among them, how his lifestyle of Gym, Tanning, Laundry (GTL) applies to our own lives.

That’s why each Frisky lady gave us her own take on GTL (I personally follow CBL — Coffee, Brunch, Laundry). Check ‘em out after the jump and give us your own in the comments. Annika: GNP — Gym, Nails, Pizza

Amelia: NBW — Nails, Burritos, Wine

Jessica: OST — Orgasms, Starbucks, Twitter

Kate: SPB — Swim, Park, Bands

Wendy: BBB — Bagels, Biking, Boinking

Leonora: WSW — Write, Shop, Wine

Simcha: JPR — Jamz, Pomp(adour) up the volume, Red lipstick

Ami: CGW — Coffee, Gym, Wine