Paris Hilton Is Getting Sued For Not Wearing Hair Extensions

In Paris Hilton’s world, it is a crime to leave home without your hair extensions. Ms. Hilton has been slapped with a $3.5 million lawsuit by Hairtech International for neglecting to meet her obligations to promote their Dream Catcher Hair Extensions. Amazing name, by the way.According to the legal documents, Paris is contractually bound to wear Dream Catchers on her head at all times. Beginning in 2008, Hairtech claims that she was seen at public appearances, in magazines, and on television without her Dream Catcher Hair Extensions. Gasp! Even worse, Hairtech is griping that Paris’ repeated chemical abuse and alcohol consumption is “contra” to their public image. Can a hair extension even have an image? It’s a scraggly piece of hair, fahchrissakes.

Nonetheless, they are suing for big bucks on the grounds of fraud, deceit, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. I’m sure they could get Britney Spears to be their next spokeswomen. Lord knows it’s time for her to retire her weave. [Radar]