Jane Lynch To Host “Saturday Night Live”

Facebook users are doing an awesome job of casting “Saturday Night Live” hosts. In the spring, a group was formed on the site angling for Betty White to host an episode, which she did in May. More recently, a group started to get Jane Lynch, aka Sue Sylvester of “Glee,” the gig. And lo and behold it worked. Shall we take bets on what color track suit she’ll be wearing when she hosts?Apparently, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy found out about this before Jane did. “I notified her by accident,” he said. “‘Saturday Night Live’ called to say, ‘Would you give us Jane for a week in October?’ We just don’t do that, but for Lorne Michaels, I said yes. I [texted Jane and said], ‘Lady, you’re doing ‘Saturday Night Live.’ And she literally wrote back, ‘What are you talking about?'” [NY Daily News]