Do Women Actually Wear “Sexy Nurse” Outfits?

Luxury lingerie designer Kiki De Montparnasse is having a sale and panties are only $85 now, ladies! (Sarcasm.) One Kiki item particularly puzzles me, not because it’s discounted, but because it exists at all: Kiki’s “Night Nurse” costume. Do people actually wear those get-ups for sexy bedtime role-playing? I’ve run the role-playing gamut from naughty cheerleader (mmm) to naughty schoolgirl (yes) to naughty secretary (yum). But I’ve never, ever forked over cash for a formal costume. It always seemed kind of silly to me —like, aren’t sexy cop costumes for Halloween, not Tuesday night? Someone must purchase those silly outfits, though, because Kiki and, of course, Frederick’s of Hollywood are still in business and selling the Provocative Pirate and French Can Can girl all year-round.

Anyone out in the Frisky-verse ever purchased a sexy role-playing costume for the bedroom? Sexy nurses of America, reveal yourselves. []