What Ever Happened To That English Chick On “The City”?

Hey “City” fans. Remember Louise Roe, Olivia Palermo’s Elle rival? (Seriously, that girl has one too many nemeses.) We know that “The City” was so scripted, but we were nevertheless fascinated by the introduction of the English TV personality … probably because her role in the show seemed the most contrived of all. C’mon, don’t you think Elle knew they weren’t going to use her, and that she was only hired to do a few episodes? To refresh your memories: Louise came in to compete with Olivia Palermo to be the face of Elle.com, but eventually “lost” because she had another offer in L.A. We guessed that this “offer” was either a work of fiction for the sake of the plot, or that Louise actually had another job from the get-go and everyone knew. Turns out the latter was right …Ms. Roe tells Fashionista: “[The City] was awesome fun! A great group of people. I go to New York a lot for work so it was brilliant to do some extra bits for Elle.com during fashion week. I got on well with Olivia but yes, the reason I came back to LA was for Plain Jane.” So, turns out Louise is now doing a reality TV series on The CW called “Plain Jane,” which actually premiered yesterday (we totally missed this … did anyone catch it?). It’s a makeover show that takes dorky girls, and with the help of Louise, gives them both a physical and attitude makeover. At the end of each episode, the made-over girl presents herself to her crush to see if he responds to her look and falls in love with her (or something).

We’re not too sure we’re into the premise of “Plain Jane,” but we’re inclined to just check it out because we were so curious about Louise’s role on “The City” to begin with. [Fashionista]