Today’s Lady News: Jennifer Aniston Glamorizes Single Motherhood, Says Bill O’Reilly

  • Do you know who is the most raging feminist ever to encourage women to leave their husbands, kill their babies and practice witchcraft? Jennifer Aniston. Comments she made about women not needing men to become parents while promoting her new movie “The Switch” (plot: she is 41, single and gets pregnant via a sperm donor) are apparently glamorizing single motherhood for the 12-year-old girls at home. This is an outrage, says Bill O’Reilly and his guest, Gretchen Carlson, who had no idea Aniston was once married to Brad Pitt. [Gawker]
  • An anti-abortion billboard alleging to depict an aborted fetus went up last week in Midland, Texas, across from a Planned Parenthood clinic. “Of course we have freedom of speech, but it’s another form of intimidation,” said a Planned Parenthood rep. []
  • Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, addressed an anti-gay marriage rally last weekend and said same-sex marriage will lead to “extinction” and “genocide.” [Black Voices]

  • Full-time female workers in New Jersey earn about 77 percent the median weekly salary of their male counterparts, according to new stats from the U.S. Labor Department. Last year, women’s median weekly earnings were $761, compared to $994 for men in similar jobs. []
  • Women veterans might be hindered by receiving care at women’s health clinics, according to a working group of current and former military. A policy allows women to see their primary physician only when he or she is specifically at the women’s clinics. []
  • Four people have been arrested on charges of recruiting Chinese women to work as prostitutes in California. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Donna Karan, Arianna Huffington, and Sarah Brown have teamed up with i.o ventures, a venture capital fund, to offer a $25,000 investment prize to a female start-up entrepreneur. Winners of the first-ever Women In Engineering Prize will also get free office space in i.o.’s start-up incubation program. [TechCrunch]
  • The National Science Foundation is calling for proposals until November on how to attract more women to science, engineering and math. []


  • India is investigating allegations that a tribal woman was forced to strip naked and walk six miles through three villages as punishment for an affair. The Women’s Commission in West Bengal says the woman was groped and heckled during the alleged punishment. [BBC]
  • Today, the Cardiff Feminist Network protested in the U.K. city against an application by a Hooter’s restaurant to build in the area. “We believe that Hooters would objectify woman and we’re concerned that a Hooters in this area of Cardiff will contribute to sexual harassment of women in the city,” said one protestor. [The Guardian]