Sorry, Reality TV Producers, But Your “Scandals” Aren’t Interesting Anymore

OMFG Snooki got punched in the face! OMFG the boys call ugly girls “grenades”! OMFG Ryan called Preston a “fag”! OMFG he’s trying to shove his girlfriend down a waterslide and a security guide standing there does nothing! What’s going to happen?!?! What’s going to happen?!?!

Nothing. Nothing ever happens.There’s a lot of things I hate about the media. But the one I hate most of all is this idea that homophobic comments, racist casting, fat-shaming, or sexism is “edgy.” It, like, totally, pushes boundaries, you guys.

No, it doesn’t. There is nothing “edgy” about being a douchebag or a homophobe.

I’m not suggesting reality TV producers sanitize their programs and edit out all the bigoted behavior. I’m merely saying I don’t want to watch it anymore — not because I can’t stomach it, but because I’m getting bored with it.

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