Please Say This Is A Joke—”The Situation” Is Launching His Own Line?

When Snooki came on the scene, we had to ask ourselves, Is this chick a comic genius? Or is she just downright stupid? Most would go with the latter (we have no comment). We’re now asking the same question of “The Situation,” who, we hear, is following in the steps of fellow “Jersey Shore” cast member JWoww by launching a clothing line. Here, “The Situation”‘s friend, “The Unit,” (dear lord) shows off a design from the collection, a wife beater with typical guido aesthetics—cheesy rosary design, bling-y details—and the requisite narcissism thanks to Mike’s nickname written on the front.But get this—the name of Mike’s collection? DILLIGAF. Which we could actually imagine being some Rag & Bone-type indie clothing store in NYC’s Lower East Side. Alas, no, DILLIGAF stands for “Do I Look Like I Give a F***?” Which is either flat-out stupid or cleverly ironic. Cultural studies majors, please weigh in. [Gawker]