Hedge Fund Daughter’s Vanity Project Comes Out Of The Closet

Meet Emma Lasry. She’s the 18-year-old daughter of Avenue Capital Group hedge fund honcho Mark Lasry and the “closet bitch” behind “Closet Bitch.” And OK, yes, we kind of hate her. It’s not just that she’s 18 and has somehow coerced her father, friends and Khloe Kardashian into supporting this massively slick vanity project. Or that she’s pouncing around in a ridiculous biker-chick-meets-Ann-Taylor-at-the-outlet-mall leather get-up. It’s that her overproduced track encourages her fellow prep-school brats to come up with similar self-serving, ego-tastic projects. Plus, we think she’s going to be pretty embarrassed by all this when she gets to college.

Either way, at least her dad likes it: “The song is really good,” said Papa Lasry “It’s a catchy tune.” [NYMag.com]