“Glee” Warm-Up: A Brief History Of Britney Spears’ Guest-Starring Roles

We’ve known for a while that “Glee” has a Britney Spears episode up its sleeve this fall. But Ryan Murphy has just confirmed that BritBrit will actually be in the episode as a guest star. He says that many of the Britney numbers will happen while the show’s characters are on happy gas at the dentist’s office. And as you’ll remember, the dentist—Emma’s new boyfriend—will be played by none other than John Stamos. Holy amazingness!I’m really excited that Britney will be appearing on the show. Sure, she’s not the world’s best actress, but there certainly is something charming about her trying. And sometimes she actually succeeds. Check out some of her best walk-on roles below.

Britney’s genius appearance as Sarah Chalke’s in-love-with-Ted assistant on “How I Met Your Mother” totally got her out of free-fall mode.

BritBrit was sweet as Amber Louise on “Will & Grace.”

Remember Britney Spears helping out her buddy Melissa Joan Hart by appearing on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”? How awkward is her dancing here? But still, cute.

Are you excited to see Britney on “Glee”?