Fearlessly Fit: Amelia Forces John DeVore To BOING With Kangoo!

A few months ago, I posted a Quick Pic of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian bouncing along a beach boardwalk with weird boots on their feet, which I then dubbed “pogo jogging.” Further investigation revealed they were wearing “Kangoo Jumps,” shoes worn while participating in some new fangled fitness fad out of, uh, Europe or something. Being that I’m a gal who likes to skip, jump, and gallop around for no reason, this seemed like the ideal workout to try out for our “Fearlessly Fit” series. And because working out is so much more fun when you’re doing it with a buddy, I dragged along my brother-from-another-mother, our own Mind of Man, John DeVore.For starters, Kangoo Jumps can be used on your own time, if you can afford the $285+ price tag. If you can’t, Crunch Gym — which has outposts in many major cities across the U.S. — does offer custom classes called “BOING with Kangoo!” The classes are usually fairly small and the shoes are provided, so all you need is a gym membership and your sea legs. And, if you’re as lucky as John and I were, you’ll get a teacher like Tomas, who was so hot I think DeVore might have been flirting with him a little too.

After strapping on the boots — which is totally simple, unless you’re not used to sitting cross-legged like John — the next step is to, duh, stand up. Unfortunately, this requires getting on all fours, a position I generally like to reserve for second dates. Once John and I were on our feet, Tomas explained that during all the various bounding movements, the key was to keep the balance dead center in the middle of the foot — not the heel, not the ball, but essentially the arch. Doing so requires using a lot of core strength, one of the many ways that Kangoo Jumps work out your entire body, not just your legs.

The exercises that are done during a Kangoo workout aren’t so wild and crazy — running, jumping jacks, hopping up and down on different legs were hardly the most innovative moves I’ve ever done, but it’s the Jumps that make the workout so tough and fun. Seriously, you guys, I could live my entire life wearing these things. If I could, I would be editing The Frisky in them. They made jogging — an exercise I loathe more than Steven Slater hates rude airplane passengers — a complete blast, but my heart was racing and I was seriously sweating buckets.

At some point, as you’ll see in the video above, DeVore snuck out while Tomas and I were having a ball, so he missed seeing me learning some advanced moves — like traveling backwards and channeling Jane Fonda in her aerobics phase. I guess he was hungry — and jealous that Tomas thought I was a total natural.

[Kangoo Jump]

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