10 Things You Need To Know About Steven Slater And His Jet Blue Exit

Yesterday, we viral-ly shook Steven Slater’s hand for coming up with one of the most creative ways to quit a job. This week, the Jet Blue flight attendant got so frustrated with a customer that he cussed her out over the intercom and proceeded to leave the plane via the emergency chute with a few beers in hand. This maneuver has left everyone in awe, but with varying opinions. Some see Slater as a working man’s hero, standing up for all the little guys that have to put up with people’s whining everyday; others are pinning Slater as the baby, saying that he overreacted and put people in danger. Regardless, Slater is a free man for now, having posted his $2,500 bail. [ABC]

Now that Steven is back on the streets, here is what you should know about him.

  1. Slater is a self-described “Bag Nazi” and it’s this obsession that sparked Monday’s incident. On the now famous flight from Pittsburgh to New York, Steven and a woman got into a disagreement after he insisted her bag had to be gate-checked before they took off. After landing in New York, the woman was angered her bag wasn’t immediately available and ended up hitting Slater with one of the overhead bins. Lesson learned: don’t mess with your flight attendant. [Capital]
  2. Steven has an understanding momma, Diane Slater. She told the press, “I don’t think he’s going to be in trouble very long. I think he just had a very small meltdown, and I think he deserves to be able to have that meltdown if you saw the egg on his head where he got smacked.” Diane currently resides in Steven’s hometown of Thousand Oaks, California, and has lung cancer. [ABC]
  3. Slater currently resides in Rockaway, Queens New York with his boyfriend. Steven was able to get home from his airplane escape before police could arrest him, which makes me slightly worried about airport security. [NY Daily News]
  4. Though Steven is currently living with a man, he was married to a woman throughout the ’90s. Cynthia Neithamer was surprised to hear about her ex-husband’s actions. “He has been a fantastic and devoted flight attendant,” she said. “I’m just really surprised because he really loves his job.” [People]
  5. The 38-year-old flight attendant has been working in the aviation business for over 20 years and it is one of his biggest passions. When he is not up in the sky, Slater says he is usually doing housework, dining, or going to gym because of all the dining. Now that is something I can relate to! [MySpace]
  6. Music-wise, Steven’s interests lie in “cheesy disco trash and sappy big hair metal ballads” as well as classical, jazz, new age, and lounge. Everyone has some “cheesy disco trash” hidden somewhere in their music collection. Admit it! [MySpace]
  7. Steven’s emergency exit escapades having already inspired several Facebook groups in support of the flight attendant. They are also trying to raise money for his defense. The biggest group so far has over 100,000 members already. [Facebook]
  8. There are even more creative approaches to trying to help the new working hero. They include: auctioning portraits of Slater on eBay, a legal defense fund started by a pilot, and creating interest in a film about the incident. Now, Slater can safely add “muse” to his job description. [ABC]
  9. It’s a good thing that people are raising money for Slater because his stunt could end up costing him. The price for using an emergency chute can run up to $25,000, and Steven could also end up serving seven years in jail if he is found guilty for all the charges against him, which include criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. Yikes! [CBS]
  10. Steven is obviously a beer man. His brew of choice is said to be Bud Light. I bet he wished he had grabbed some pretzels too. [ABC]